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How to select the freight container

Container (container) is a certain intensity, stiffness and specifications, n. the turnover use large loading containers.
Use container transport goods, which can be directly in the consignor warehouse to warehouse of the consignee of loading, unloading, midway replacement cars, boats, without the goods from box out outfit. The container is varied, according to the classification of loaded the kind points, groceries container, bulk containers, liquid cargo containers, reefer containers; etc. According to production material cent, have wood container, steel container, aluminum alloy, stainless steel container, glass fiber reinforced plastic container container etc; According to the structure points, fold-down containers, stationary container etc, in fixed containers can also points airtight containers, open top containers, container board planes; etc. According to the total weight of points, has 30 tons container, 20 tons container, 10 tons container, five tons container, 2.5 tons container, etc.

Therefore, the customer when use, should according to their own needs, choose suitable container goods operation, in order to reduce logistics costs.

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