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  China top ten ports overview

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In Shanghai port 1.

Shanghai control jiang knitting sea, at the triangle dipping zone, waterborne transport is very developed. At present, Shanghai inland port area were 32.5 berths, maximum anchorage capacity for 2000 tonnage. After the third plenary session of the development of Shanghai entered the fast lane. The 1990s new-built ROM diameter, waigaoqiao issue, waigaoqiao port phase and other new. Port business mainly include loading and unloading, storage, logistics, ship towing, pilotage, outer agent, the outer tally, the rail transport, transfer service and waterway passenger service, etc. In January, 1996, Shanghai international shipping center construction officially launched. In June 2002, yangshan deepwater port construction, Shanghai port and starting from the river port to true harbour crossing. Completed in 2003 cargo throughput 3.16 million tons. Complete container throughput 1128.2 million TEU in China mainland, is the first reached 10 million TEU mark port. In 2004 the throughput of container throughput of rapid growth, and complete inflated million tons and respectively 1455 million teu placed second and third world ports. Shanghai 2005 cargo throughput reach 4.43 million tons, complete the container throughput at 1809 million teu, with 24.2 percent increase from the previous year, continue to ranks third in the world.

Ningbo 2.

Ningbo beilun harbor by, zhenhai ningbo port, daxie port, and wear yangshan deepwater port composition, is a collection of inland port, river port and seaport in a body comprehensive and multifunctional modern deep-water port. Existing productive berths, including capacity of 191 seat deep-water berths 39 seats. The biggest 25 10000-ton oil wharf, 20 DWT (can hold concurrently by 300,000 tons of ore terminal unloading ships), the sixth generation of international container special garages and 50000 DWT liquid chemical special garages, Has been the world more than 100 countries and regions in the more than 600 port navigation. Ningbo port major importing warrants, domestic and foreign trade containers, crude oil, liquid chemical products, coal and other bulk cargo handling, storage, transit business. In 2005, ningbo port throughput 26864 realize tons.

Tianjin 3.

Tianjin port is located in China's north, west of bohai bay is the northwestern and beijing-tianjin region of the important waterway transport hub. With various berth in more than 140 berths, including public garages 76, quayline presidents 14.5 kilometers, capacity of garages 55. In 2003, tianjin port cargo throughput complete 1.62 million tons, realize net 30 million tons a year, throughput of historic breakthrough in north China ranks first. Tianjin port is the earliest mainland China to develop international container transportation business port. September 1973, tianjin port successfully opening the country's first international container routes. In 1980, built the first Chinese in tianjin port container terminal. In 2004, container throughput finish 381.6 million teu. In 2004, to a total of 2 million tons of cargo throughput, realize net 40 million tons a year of great-leap-forward development. In 2005, tianjin port throughput 24144 realize tons.

Guangzhou port 4.

Guangzhou port is located in export-oriented economy in our country the most active pearl river delta center. Port area divided into humen port, xinsha port area, huangpu port area and guangzhou internal port harbor. Guangzhou port international shipping prudent in more than 80 countries and regions of more than 300 port, and with the domestic over 100 ports navigation, is the largest area of southern China foreign trade ports, mainly engaged in oil, coal, grain, fertilizer, steel, ore, container cargo handling (including wharf, anchorage cargo-oil) and warehousing, goods bonded business and domestic and international freight forwarding and shipping agency, Do STH for sb transshipment, agent passenger, Domestic and international ship entry pilotage, sea freight and passenger transport and logistics service, etc. In 2004, guangzhou port cargo throughput rapid growth, annual finishs 215 tonnes. 2005 guangzhou port throughput 25093 realize tons.

Qingdao 5.

Qingdao is the national large port, by Qingdao's old docks, huang dao oil port, three new qianwan port dagang district composition. Port wharf 15 seats, garages with 73, mainly engaged in container, coal, crude oil, iron ore, coal, grain and other kinds of import and export of goods handling service international and domestic passenger service, and the world more than 130 countries and regions of more than 450 port trade, is the west coast of the Pacific important international trading ports and maritime transport hub. Port throughput reach tons, bachelor in 2004 over to the state of various taxes 17.5 billion yuan. In 2005, Qingdao port throughput 18678 realize tons.

Tugboat 6.

Located in bohai sea coast of qinhangdao port in north China, is a natural harbor. Main increase of coal, petroleum, food, chemical fertilizer, ore, etc. Qinhuangdao port with energy output is famous for the motherland, mainly from inland shanxi and shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, ningxia and hebei coal export to eastern and southern China, etc and the americas, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions, the annual output of coal accounts for the coal output more than 50% of the total, is our country south north coal ship main thoroughfare. Hong Kong now boasts the largest coal loading dock and automation equipment advanced crude oil, groceries and container terminal, a total of 58, including garages productive garages 37. Qinhuangdao port existing oil first and second two terminals, 2.5 DWT garages two 50000 DWT berths, a, 3 by thousand tons product oil, passed in a garage ability 1650 tons. In 2004, qinhuangdao port throughput completed year-on-year increase 1.53 million tons, 20.27%. 2005 tugboat realize throughput 16902 tons.

Dalian 7.

Dalian port in the Pacific northwest, is the central transport of the far east, South Asia, North America and Europe goods the most convenient port. Port free waters 346 square kilometers, land area of 10 YuPingFang

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